House Development Team

Our Sharks House Development Team bridges the gap between our Learn to Play Clinic and Travel Hockey. It's designed for players with a good starting foundation that want to further develop their skills and love for the game of hockey with trained and qualified coaches committed to player development. The learning environment is challenging, positive, and always focused on fun.

According to Coach Rick Gedney, "The cross-ice format puts hockey concepts over positional play. Skaters are forced to make plays under constant pressure with maximum puck touches. It's development in its purest form and will help quickly improve the most critical areas of the game."

Program Overview


  • Girls 10 and under
  • September - February
  • 20+ weeks with 40+ ADM skill-based practices
  • Dedicated cross-ice games

This is designed for players wanting to further develop their skills and love of the game. The cross-ice, small-format games will increase puck touches and quickly accelerate development in all areas, including skating, stick handling, shooting, and, most importantly, reaction time. 

Registration is limited as the goal is to provide players with an intense focus on skill development and team experience similar to our travel hockey program.


  • Utilizes USA Hockey American Development Model (ADM)
  • USA Hockey certified coaches
  • Skating technique including forward and backward skating, edges use, starting and stopping
  • Hockey skills: passing, shooting, receiving, and puck control 
  • Positioning: introduce concepts of positioning and team skills


  • Must be a USA Hockey member
  • Proficient in skating
  • Must have strong forward skating, beginning concept of backward skating, comfortable with stickhandling
  • Full hockey gear

2023-2024 Registration

Spaces are limited. Registration opens April 30th.

2023-2024 Season

Welcome to the 2023-2024 Shoreline Sharks House Development Team Registration. 

The season runs from October - February and includes a minimum of two sessions per week.

All participants must have a good skating foundation, and full hockey gear is required.

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